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Exciting things are afoot! THE LAST ATLANTIAN PRINCE is heading into the editing phase and is targeted for early 2018 release. For those of you who don't know - this book centers around the magician Grimface, and his two Cimmerian warriors.

In a land called Hyboria - where life is short and brutal, and only those willing to fight for their lives will survive, comes a dark prince. This prince is imbued with powerful magic, and the will to grind all those who oppose him, under foot. There will be a reckoning, and when the dust settles, a god-king will rise, and a new era will come to settle this land called Hyboria!


This will be my last book set in Robert E. Howard's amazing, and barbaric lands of Hyboria. After this, it will be time for a new project, and a new tale of adventure and action - stay tuned!

~Lawrence BoarerPitchford