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 August 19, 2018

The elven city-state of Moore is under attack - but this time the enemy is within. Janaway Cartush is a noble born woman of lofty desire, and she wants to do away with the elven republic governed by ministers, and ruled by the Steward. She believes it is time for an all powerful ruler - a queen to command the realm.

Moore's secret service - the Brood - must attempt to discredit Janaway by finding and recovering a handful of ancient relics deep below the city of Moore in the crumbling ruins of Moorianus - the first city. To these ends, Goldworm tasks Ford, Sark, Han, Harigan, and Sean with the job of getting them, and delivering the items to the Brood, so that Janaway will be unable to show her supporters that she is the true heir to the throne of Moore.

Magic battles, celestial interventions, and raw hate will make this action packed potion of a story bubble with excitement. Be careful, for once you open the cover (or open your e-reader to the first page), you will be immersed in a complex plot where not only life hangs in the balance, but a cultural way of life, and even the final resting place of a once great king - The White King of Moore!

More to follow as I get further along. I'm currently on chapter 10, and am hoping for 20+ chapters to keep you all entertained. Be patient - I'm working on it.