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Donation Tracker

Six months ago I pledged to contribute half a year's worth of royalties. I decided to triple the amount I pledged!

Here is a picture of me at the American Cancer Society in Roseville, California.

Me at the American Cancer Society in Roseville California.





The staff at the American Cancer Society were very grateful for the donation. Here I am handing a check for triple the amount of my royalties.

Handing the check to the American Cancer Society representative.












I think it critical that one keeps their word. I encourage you to pick a
charity and donate 6 months' worth of something - money, work, art, time. In
this time we all need to step up and show that as citizens of these United
States we have a moral compass, and what is right is not in conflict with what
we humans do. Shun cruelty, denounce greed, and take up the banner of kindness
and growth.


The charity period has come to an end. I'll try again soon. Do you have any
charities you'd like to suggest? Feel free, I'll consider any you direct me to.