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The author grew up enjoying science fiction and fantasy stories by authors such as Larry Niven, Eger Rice Burroughs, H.G. Wells, and Philip K. Dick - to name a few. One of his favorite writers still today is the late Robert E. Howard who was the inspiration for the In the World of Hyboria novella.

Lawrence went to college  in California studying first business, then majoring in international relations. Later he would receive a Masters of Science degree in Information Technology. While in college he and his roommate began writing short stories to entertain one another. One day they had enough to make a book, and with much effort they cobbled together a novel. With some luck he and his roommate found a publisher and their book Tales of Mad Cows and Brothels was published in 2000. The excitement and energy that rose from that experience energized Lawrence and encouraged him to write more. It would be twelve years later that he had enough material - three novels and two novellas - to seek publication again. His goal is entertainment, and if his works achieve this, he will forever be a happy man.