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At twenty two, Leland is excited about his foray into the adult world, as his father Franz Niva sends him on a low risk assignment to learn the family business of shipping. Along the way, his father’s right-hand man Carter Wayne keeps a close watch on Leland, and his own son Tommy, as the two friends work, and experience life together.

In the far, and exotic city of Tiquan, Leland and his friend Tommy Wayne take their liberty from the ship to explore the cobblestone streets bathed in the city’s yellow gas lamps. There, in an upscale hotel they find three very flirtatious ladies.

As Leland’s eyes meet Ella’s, the world falls hush, and two beating hearts echo with passions that will bring two warring houses together. But, there is little time to bask in spring’s young love, as a greedy and spiteful nation, Burkermuran, levels its bombs and war machine upon the ill-prepared citizens of Tiquan.

Ella, and her two friends find themselves at the mercy of vicious Burker agents, only to be rescued by Leland and Tommy. This sparks a fearful escape from the burning Tiquan, into the hinterlands of the continental interior.

Pursued from the sky and on the ground, the lovers find themselves in league with a rogue sky captain - more noted for his smuggling than his kindness. Those inexperienced youth will find themselves tested by their enemies, a mystical oracle, the desert and the Desert Ghosts that dwell there - and from the ashes of war, they will rise stronger and wiser than they ever imagined possible.



Jake "Facebreaker" Sharkar lives his life between the
lines of law-and-order and outright villainy. Fresh from
committing murder, he finds that his employer has a
proposition for him. Instead of paying his fee, Jake
has the opportunity to help find and share in the profits
of recovering the lost treasure of Solomon Lake.

A long journey, an unexpected accomplice, and wandering
aliens will not keep Jake from garnering glory and promised
wealth. Make no mistake, it is unwise to double-cross a
man like Jake. And, if those who thought they could double,
or triple, or even quadrupole-cross him, they have another
thing coming.

Ride through the Host Systems, as Jake, Michael, Davy and
Millicent search the galaxy for a fabled cache of alien artifacts
looted and lost hundreds of years earlier by the maverick
explorer Solomon Lake - that mythological pioneer, miner,
and wild-man, who flew by the seat of his pants and lived
a life of a libertine - After all, who doesn't want to
be a libertine?. Buckle up - it's blastoff time.

Jake and the Treasure of Solomon LakeJake and the Treasure of Solomon Lake



        To start - It is an age of fire, war, brutality, and ancient dark magic. A wizard named Ottin'bar is rallying his troops to carve out a kingdom for his own pleasures. To do this, he must gather ancient magic, the kind used by powerful magicians, and distant god-kings.
Three men are on a collision course with Ottin’bar’s ambitions. Grimface the wizard, a mysterious wanderer from the wildlands seeks justice for his family’s murder – lo many centuries ago. Benhargan and Bulvife, two Cimmerian rangers tricked by Ottin’bar must find the dark wizard and make him remove the ever-advancing curse upon their heads put there by their thievery.
But Ottin'bar is powerful. He fears little in the mortal world. His armies come, the ground shakes, and villages and cities are crushed under cruel heel. He cannot be reasoned with, he will not give up power, so there is only one option – destroy him and his army.

Barbarian Dark FantasyBarbarian Dark Fantasy
















From the dark reaches beyond mortal eyes, comes a prince. To him, he gathers battle hardened warriors, bought for lust, gold, and power. He has a single vision – to carve an empire out of blood and bones to rival the one of his father – Atlantis! Though this cruel prince commands more power than anyone among the kingdoms in Hyboria, he does not know that those few who will stand against him will upset even the long reach of the gods. Even though his divine mission is to subjugate, enslave, and bend to his will all that come before him, this usurper king underestimates two Cimmerians and a wayward magician. A battle is brewing. One that will bring nations together, and rip others to pieces. As the ground shakes, dust rises in the wake of marching armies, and the carrion birds gather, warriors will be sent to their gods. And the gods? They will meddle, and scheme, and sacrifice those mortals who stand against that black-heart Atlantean Prince!

 Barbarian Dark FantasyBarbarian Dark Fantasy



The city state of Moore conducts a cold war of espionage to further their interests. The average citizen enjoys the theater, a carriage ride, or a walk in the park, all the while evil strives to undo the status quo. Ford must lay hands on an ancient relic that could spell the doom of his city and possibly the world. The problem, Raven Hill, an ambitious mage has eyes for the relic and all the power it will imbue him with. Ford races against time, the elements and fate to keep the single most powerful magical device he knows from falling into the hands of a mad man. If he fails, Ford’s beloved city of Moore, the race of elves, dwarves, and men will bow down to one man who wishes to be a god.

The Lantern of Dern BlackhammerThe Lantern of Dern Blackhammer