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The Lantern of Dern Blackhammer


The night air is crisp and clear as Ford and his father walk home from the theater. Near the
park, an assassin strikes murdering the elder and plunging his son into a dark world of intrigue and deception. The elf city of Moore will never be the same, as Ford races against time to prevent a world war. His nemesis, a human who has a fondness for blue and murder, and seeks the one weapon sure to place him unto a god – the Lantern of Dern Blackhammer; a device forged to win a war between mortals and gods. Its power is awesome, and devastating…or at least that’s what the legends say.

Ford is recruited by a secret organization sworn to protect the elf city of Moore against all enemies. Now his mission, get to the artifact first, steal it, and deliver it safely back to Moore. To accomplish this task he is sent to enlist the help of five fellow agents whose circumstances make them excellent candidates for such a mission. The recipe? One cursed ship's captain, one outcast prince, one Justice Knight, and one educator. Put into pot, stir with a dash of menace, and spice with some evil - voila; a feast fit for the desperate. This motley group sets out on a perilous journey across the continent, to cities both ancient and glorious, where a dark lord buried a priceless treasure in a tomb of magic. Will they stem the tide of destruction? Perhaps if Ford can keep them from killing themselves.

A Novel: 25 Chapters and 96,000 words


Follow the adventures of Benhargan and Bulvife the Cimmerians, and Grimface the wizard as they seek vengeance in Book 1, and redemption in Book 2. In Book 1 the three must face their collective enemy Ottin'bar, a wizard who is bent on destruction and conquest. His mistake? Double crossing two Cimmerians who might be the seeds of his undoing.


In Book 2, the three men travel to discover Grimfaces secret past. As in all things, the gods have plans for Grimface and his two barbarian companions, work that requires powerful magic, and the brute force ways of Cimmerians. When all is said and done, a civilization will be destroyed, a people displaced, and the will of the gods tested. Let it be known that the age of wizards wane while the rise of barbarians comes forth!

A Novella: 10 chapters and 29,000 words

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The Last Atlantian Prince, by Lawrence BoarerPitchfordThe Last Atlantian Prince, by Lawrence BoarerPitchford

A battle is brewing. One that will bring nations together, and rip others to pieces. As the ground shakes,
and dust rises like smoke from a forest fire, and the carrion birds gather, warriors will be sent to their
gods in the wake of marching armies. And those gods, they will watch, and scheme, and sacrifice those mortals who
will stand against, the last Atlantian Prince – all for the want of power!