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Thadius and Sawbones are now available for purchase. If you are willing to provide a review, contact me and I can arrange to provide a free copy to you.

The cries of battle are now just a distant memory for Thadius. He has long since packed away his armor, sword, pilum and shield. Retirement in a sleepy little resort town along the coast has suited him well.

 Now a widower, he bides his time gardening and spending his remaining years with his old friend Dominus drinking wine and telling tall tales of old.

But, Thadius’ serene world is shaken by the arrival of
a desperate letter from the furthest reaches of the Republic. Summoned to the far away Island of Britannia, Thadius and Dominus are driven to solve a gruesome murder.

 Hot on the trail of a serial killer Thadius and Dominus find
themselves in exotic lands, mixing with barbarians of
every description. Only steps behind the killer, the urgency
reaches a fevered pitch as Thadius discovers that killing may not be the only thing on the murderer's mind.


It is called the War Between the States, or the  American Civil war, or even the War of Northern Aggression. No matter what you call it, it was an event in the history of these United States that  profoundly affected the landscape and its people. 

Out of this event came the heroic actions of men  hardened to the cries of human suffering. These  men would carry the nickname of sawbones.

Carrigan LeRoy came from England to visit the fledgling United States only to be trapped in the war. He’s a surgeon and applies his trade in  support of the Union. The end of the war is near and he is weary of the horrors. But, in the waning days as the Confederates are nearing surrender, a bold band of raiders plan to kidnap the one man who could allow them to make  terms. 

Carrigan and two of his fellow soldiers uncover the plot and move to intercede. But, what can two surgeons and one cartographer do against deadly thugs who have few morals? Perhaps much.