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Jack has tried to forget the Great War.
The horrors he witnessed haunt his dreams.

In the roaring economy of the post war years,
he finds himself caught between the chaos
of prohibition, and the growth of The Bureau.
His first assignment is to find a missing socialite.
A young rich libertine who vanished without a trace.

In the ensuing days, Jack uncovers
oddities that have little rational explanation.
Bodies begin to stack up – some mutilated, and some
malformed by birth. Mysterious agents, twisted doctors,
and a government conspiracy – all point to one man
whose mad ambition might just open the door to a living nightmare.

As Jack tracks his missing man – those
ghosts from the trenches are never too far
behind. Is he still fighting upon the fields of France? Or,
are those sounds of war in his head, and he is really a G-Man?

Jack realizes the horror that is creeping from
the beyond cares not for any man or his dreams.
It cares only to devour souls and perhaps some human flesh.

The Cox Head HorrorThe Cox Head Horror